double TEE shirt

Ch! Ch! Ch! Changes ...... always look different!

double TEE shirt

Nono muaks is proud to present their twisted novelty “Double TEE".

Wikipedia: "A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a style of shirt. A T-shirt is buttonless and collarless, with short sleeves and frequently a round neck line. " Well! nono muaks added an other dimension!

Who never ended up wearing their t-shirt backwards, well those days are over. The double TEE shirt has no front or back or left or right. It's a 360 degrees t-shirt. Double T offers you the possibility to interact with your t-shirt. There are two ways you can where your t-shirt depending your style. unpredictable weather? Use short sleeves when it's hot and change to long sleeves when it's colder. You can also be fashionable and play with the sleeves, make combinations and other funny expressions.

Double TEE shirt is made of an elastic cotton that makes it felxible when changing, but always fit slim on your body and feels comfortable to wear.

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double tee shirt

Dirty fingers, looking good!

kick eyes glasses

With double TEE you can play with the sleeves in different ways, following your own style.

double tee shirt 4 sleeves

Double TEE - you can put the sleeve inside out or turn the sleeves around your body.

double t-shirt

Double Tree


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Double Tshirt

Double TEE shirt - Beat the shit out of your body!

nono muaks - double tee shirt

the looks, It's all in the dynamics.

double tee shirt

Double TEE shirt - Hands to short, to express your feelings?

double tee shirt t-shirt

Double TEE shirt in combination with Kick Eyes Glasses.


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Thanks to: Jojo and Tobias

Photographer: Philippe Brysse