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kick eyes glasses- cool party glasses

Strike a pose, get the looks, tease your eyes and show the magic!

Nono muaks is proud to present their latest novelty “KICK EYES”.
Kick Eyes is a concept that likes to play with your view on life.

Kick Eyes glasses have no lenses. In their place are laser-cut shapes, they're made of felt, a chic wonder material that bends but that is in the same time very strong. Kickeyes is inspired by the pirate eyepatch and 80’s electro dicso and all what your eyes have to express and be sure it has a lot to express. Kick Eyes glasses is a concept floats inbetween shades and a party mask. Kick eyes glasses is way to express yourself in a different way, ideal for a party or a funny photoshoot. How better to show your party spirit with Kick Eyes glasses!

Find the whole new collection: http://kickeyesglasses.com

Today we have Kick Eyes Glasses in stores in Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brussels, Singapore, Lille, Los Angeles, and many more to come. contact us for "wholesale"

Enjoy our point of view on live!

kick eyes glasses

You love party, your love different, you love Kick Eyes Glasses!

CUSTOM Kick Eyes Glasses - contact us to make a kick eyes version with your LOGO!

Bacardi party event promotion glasses - bacardi design party shades - bacardi kick eyes glasses for party


See more custom kick eyes glasses: CUSTOMIZED!

Heineken shades - heineken glasses -Heineken party event -Heineken collection

CUSTOM Kick Eyes Glasses - Heineken party shades.

Heineken Kick Eyes party glasses

Heineken party with Heineken customized Kick Eyes party glases.

More pictures of this Heineken event!

Hoegaarden beer party glasses - hoegaarden promotion bier party glasses - white beer party glasses - kick eyes party shades


See more custom kick eyes glasses: CUSTOMIZED!

Kick eyes customized glasses - club - branding  - teh butter factory Singapore - Catch the eye

CUSTOM Kick Eyes Glasses - The Butter factory, Singapore

kick eyes glasses

Kick Eyes glasses - CROSS & DOTS

kickeyes shop

kick eyes glasses - electro lightning

Kick Eyes glasses - VENDETTA & SQUARED

nono muaks - kickeyes- design glasses

Kick Eyes glasses - FAKE DISCO

kick eyes glasses

Kick Eyes glasses - RAP

kickeyes shop

nono muaks - design kickeyes

Kick Eyes glasses- VENICE & LASERBEAM

kick eyes glasses

Kick Eyes glasses- VENDETTA & SQUARED

kick eyes glasses

Kick Eyes glasses - CROSS

nono muaks - kickeyes - eyewear

Kick Eyes glasses - SNEAKY


Get your Kick Eyes here / 購入しています。:

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Photographer: Kong Xingzhe, Philippe Brysse